November 26th  -  12:00PM


January 27th  -  7:00PM
RESCHEDULED: JoJo Siwa D.R.E.A.M. the Tour

RESCHEDULED: JoJo Siwa D.R.E.A.M. the...

February 22nd  -  7:00PM
2022 CHaD Battle of the Badges Hockey Championship

2022 CHaD Battle of the Badges Hockey...

March 13th  -  12:00PM
KoЯn with special guests Chevelle and Code Orange

KoЯn with special guests...

March 19th  -  6:30PM


May 7th  -  12:00PM
KNOTFEST ROADSHOW 2022 :: Slipknot with sg Cypress Hill, Ho99o9

KNOTFEST ROADSHOW 2022 :: Slipknot...

May 22nd  -  6:30PM
United States Strongman Nationals

United States Strongman Nationals

June 25th  -  9:00AM

Security & First Aid

Lost and Found

Any items lost during events should be reported to any member of the arena Security Staff.  Items found during an event will be held for 60 days in the front lobby.  .  Please call (603) 206-1644 to inquire if an item has been lost.

First Aid

Emergency medical aid for spectators is provided at the SNHU Arena in the concourse behind section 117.  Security personnel will summon medical assistance immediately when necessary.


In response to the need for heightened security procedures, SNHU Arena has implemented the following policies to ensure a safe, enjoyable event experience for all guests. It is our goal to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for our guests, tenants and co-workers.

Opening Times

Doors to events at the SNHU Arena open 1 hour prior to the start of the event. This time may vary due to the request by each particular show. As a general rule most shows adhere to the 1 hour rule.

Arena Entry

  • All persons entering the arena will pass through metal detectors, after having their tickets scanned. Patrons are subject to search of their persons and belongings at the discretion of the SNHU Arena.
  • All jackets, pockets and bags will be searched upon entry. Purses, diaper bags and other small personal bags are allowed, but will be inspected at all entrances.
  • Bags larger than 14" x 16"x 6", backpacks or boxes are not permitted into the arena.  If a larger bag is need for medical or other essential reasons, these bags must be clear.
  • Baby bags are allowed but will be searched.
  • Patrons with prohibited items will be turned away at entrances and no storage or "check in" area will be provided for such items.
  • Selfie Sticks will not be allowed into the arena
  • Items confiscated at entry will not be returned to the owner at any time during or after the event has concluded.

In addition, the following items are not permitted inside the SNHU Arena:

  • Food or beverage (with the exception of those having a food allergy). Please contact Savor for food related allergy questions at 603-644-0837
  • Cans, bottles, coolers or other similar containers
  • Video cameras or audio recorders
  • Laser pens or laser products
  • Weapons of any kind to include, but not limited to, knives, guns, chains or clubs. No off duty law enforcement personnel are allowed in to the arena with a firearm and/or weapon of any kind
  • Illegal substances
  • Any other item deemed unacceptable by the SNHU Arena Management

SNHU Arena management reserves the right to make the final determination on prohibited items. In the event that prohibited items are revealed in a search, guests will be asked to dispose of the items or return them to their cars before re-entering the building.

Exit and No Re-Entry

Exiting and re-entering the building with the same ticket is not permitted. Exceptions are only made in the case of medical situations and emergencies. Guests with medical emergencies or other emergencies who want to leave and then return to the building should be directed to the Security Personnel at each entry point. The ticket for the event must be produced and then scanned out for exit.

Patron Conduct

The following behavior or activities are grounds for eviction from the SNHU Arena:

  • Use of profanity or unacceptable language of any type.
  • Possession of illegal or unauthorized items inside the arena.
  • Unacceptable or indecent dress.
  • Damaging or the intent to damage property of the SNHU Arena.
  • Failure to obey or follow SNHU Arena smoking policies.
  • Use of illegal substances or drugs; Public drunkenness.
  • Entering or attempting to enter any "off limits" areas such as hockey ice, stage area, backstage or restroom of the opposite sex.
  • Participating in a fight.
  • Verbally abusing, threatening or intimidating other guests or arena employees.
  • The throwing of any objects or projectiles in seating areas, on stage, on the ice surface or any other areas.

Patrons who fail to abide by arena policies, state and federal law are subject to ejection from the facility. Any patron who is violating arena policy will be asked to correct their behavior and, if they fail to do so in a timely fashion, will be ejected. Individuals who have been ejected must vacate arena property or be subject to arrest on trespassing charges.

Revocable License

Tickets for entry to the SNHU Arena are a revocable license and entry may be refused due to inappropriate attire, disorderly conduct, intoxication, etc. Patrons who fail to abide by arena policies, state or federal law are subject to ejection and arrest.

On-Site Vending

Non-licensed vending on the SNHU Arena property, including the resale of event tickets, is prohibited.


The SNHU Arena is a smoke-free building including E-cigarettes. Anyone observed smoking inside the facility will be asked to extinguish the item immediately. Any person who refuses to comply with the policy will be subject to ejection from the arena.


The permitted use of cameras varies by event. However, cameras with professional lenses, detachable lenses or detachable flashes are prohibited from the SNHU Arena. Use of video cameras, audio recording devices and digital cameras in video mode is strictly prohibited in the arena. The use of any of these items will result in confiscation and possible ejection from the arena.